Bitcoin Cash Venezuela (

InstaBitcoin is a team of amazing people working to spread the adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela by providing liquidity of Bitcoin Cash in the ecosystem. It is difficult to convince ordinary people to adopt Bitcoin Cash if they have problems interchanging between BCH and local currencies. Because most people are not technical savvy, InstaBitcoin helps by reducing the barriers of entry as well as seeding liquidity into the Bitcoin Cash economy in Venezuela. Here are some pictures of their work so far.

You can find out more from InstaBitcoin's Instagram page at

This is them trying to onboard more than a hundred taxi drivers into the Bitcoin Cash economy. Many of them had started to accept Bitcoin Cash thanks to the efforts of InstaBitcoin.
This is them trying to onboard new merchants to start accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. Some of the merchants had to be educated on the benefits of Bitcoin Cash, and then of course, you can see the food and drinks that was paid entirely with Bitcoin Cash.
This is them spreading the benefits and knowledge of Bitcoin Cash to ordinary Venezuelans in various locations such as shopping malls.
All these activities does not happen magically. It happened because a team of amazing passionate Bitcoin Cash supporters came together to make it happen. Booking and hosting the conferences and events cost real money.

If you are interested to contribute towards their efforts, here is their multisig Bitcoin Cash wallet address.