Hall Of Fame
Hall Of Fame

Name / Alias
2qx- Help developed mainnet.cash library making it easy for developers to build on top of Bitcoin Cash
Adrian Barwicki- Creator of honest.cash, a decentralized uncensorable platform to post your blogs.
Akane Yokoo- Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup co-organizer, promoting BCH adoption in Tokyo.
alternativewinter- Host of the Bitcoin Cast YouTube channel with many episodes about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash information.
alwaysAn0n- Contributed towards the development work in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
Andrea Suisani- Bitcoin Unlimited developer and has helped with the BU full node development.
Andreas Brekken- Founder of Shitcoin.com
Andrew Stone- Developer at BitcoinUnlimited
Antony Zegers- Bitcoin ABC developer, formerly also Bitcoin Unlimited, one of the most awesome developer in the space.
Awemany- The legendary Bitcoin Unlimited developer who discovered the CVE-2018-17144 critical bug on Bitcoin and relevant forks of it.
Axel Gembe- Developer of Electron Cash
BetaDollar- Started the "Bitcoin Out Loud" YouTube channel debunking Bitcoin Cash myths and other lies/propaganda regarding cryptocurrencies.
BitcoinIsTehFuture- Moderator of rbtc to keep the trolls away.
Bitcoinopoly- Moderator of rbtc to keep the trolls away.
BitcoinXio- Moderator of r/btc subreddit, keeping the trolls away and doing a great job despite the constant harassments.
- Bonus points for all the harassments he had to endure during his moderation work.
C. Edward Kelso- Editor-in-Chief of the CoinSpice team
Calin Culianu- Electron Cash, co-author of SLP token specification, and helped launch Bitcoin ABC back in July 2017
Chris Pacia- Lead backend developer for Open Bazaar bringing decentralized marketplace to the world.
Chris Troutner- SLP SDK, BITBOX SDK
- Bonus points for answering some of my questions regarding BitBox.
Chronos- Started the "One Minute Crypto" channel on YouTube explaining crypto concepts within minutes, always with a smile on his face.
Cindy Wang- An amazing lady trying to bridge the gap between the Western and Chinese community.
Colin Talks Crypto- In the sea of propaganda against Bitcoin Cash, Colin is one of the few who is willing to speak up for peer to peer cash.
Collin Enstad- Host of Collin' It Like It Is
Corbin Fraser- Bitcoin.com weekly YouTube video channel host and big Bitcoin Cash supporter.
- Bonus points for helping improved the CSS at LocalBitcoinCash.
Corentin Mercier- This guy is spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption to merchants like crazy, great job!
Dagur Valberg Johannsson- Bitcoin XT, BU, ABC, Electron Cash developer.
David Bond- YouTuber using his influence to spread Bitcoin Cash adoption.
David Valenz- What can you say? This guy has a Bitcoin Cash tattoo and is super passionate about Bitcoin Cash.
don_wonton- The guy behind the "Decentralized Thought" YouTube channel where Craig Wright shows off his watches in an attempt to humiliate don_wonton but he handled it gracefully.
Egon_01- Constantly reminding people of the "lousy experience high fees horrible BTC" vs the "fast reliable low fees Bitcoin Cash". Winning!
Eléonore Blanc- Cofounder of Satoshis's Angels and founder of CryptoCanal.
- Spreading adoption and is an incredibly awesome lady.
emergent_reason- This person is the reason why I was motivated to keep working on Bitcoin Cash projects.
- Bonus points for believing in me and making all these happen.
Emil Oldenburg- CTO of Bitcoin.com and really smart guy.
Feliz Chili Chelou- Founder of The Real Bitcoin Club in 2018 spreading adoption in Barcelona, giving talks and onboarding merchants.
Fernando Pelliccioni- Founder of the Knuth Bitcoin Cash full node software.
Freetrader- Really awesome guy helping Bitcoin Cash grow behind the scenes.
Gabriel Cardona- Started the BitBox software to help make Bitcoin Cash development work easier for developers to do.
Gavin Andresen- Satoshi Nakamoto handed over the development of Bitcoin to Gavin Andresen and is one of the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies.
George Bissias- Play an important role on the graphene research and implementation in the BUcash project.
George Donnelly- Helping Bitcoin ABC and driving Bitcoin Cash adoption through BCH Latam and BCH Ignite.
Gloria Coronel- Help LocalBitcoinCash in many ways and was one of the most awesome girl in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
Haipo Yang- Founder of ViaBTC/CoinEx and made sure Bitcoin Cash survived the early period during the fork.
- Bonus points for creating an exchange with Bitcoin Cash pairs.
Hayden Otto- Executive Editor of the CoinSpice team and appearing in many videos featuring how easy and fast it was to transact using Bitcoin Cash.
- Bonus points for the helicopter ride with 2 beautiful girls.
Hostfat- Moderator of many BCH chats, beta-tester of many applications, great collaborator of the community.
im_uname- Outspoken Bitcoin Cash supporter and helped on many different areas in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
JajaaSB- Onboarding merchants in Thailand and looking fantastically awesome in these Bitcoin Cash videos.
Jake (BeijingBitcoins)- Awesome funny guy who is a treasure to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
- Bonus points for bringing the developers closer together.
James Cramer- Helped development towards the SLP Tokens on Bitcoin Cash.
Jamie Redman- Wrote many articles about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash and had to endure constant harassments from mentally retarded bcash trolls.
Jason Chavannes- One of the creators of memo.cash
Jason Cox- Developer at Bitcoin ABC.
Jason Dreyzehner- Bitauth-ide, CashChannels
Jason Sheman- Made Bitcoin Cash fun again with all the interesting games over at Bitcoin.com
jessquit- Has maintained a clear message throughout multiple splits about the narrow path Bitcoin needs to navigate to become real p2p cash for the world. Amends his views when evidence contradicts them. Thanks for the strong signal.
Jiang Zhuoer- BTC.top, notable strategist and defender of Bitcoin Cash against hash-based attacks
Jihan Wu- Founder of Bitmain and secret admirer of Bitcoin Cash.
jonald_fyookball- Creator of Electron Cash wallet and contributed in many other aspects to the Bitcoin Cash development ecosystem.
Jonas- Author of the "Why Cryptocurrencies?" book available to read at whycryptocurrencies.com
Jonathan Silverblood- Started the Cash Account and CashID for Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
Jonathan Toomim- Creator of XThinner and veteran miner.
José (EatBCH)- Founder of EatBCH
Joshua Green- CEO of Bitcoin Verde. Helped bring Bitcoin Cash to the local government from Dublin, Ohio.
- Bonus points for getting the government involved with Bitcoin Cash.
Justin Bons- Cyber Capital, Bitcoin evangelist, one of the biggest Bitcoin Cash supporter in the space. Always willing to speak up for what's right.
Kain_niaK- Long time Bitcoin Cash supporter and love music.
Kara- Help LocalBitcoinCash in many ways and was one of the most awesome girl in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
Karol Trzeszczkowski- Developer of Mecenas plugin, Last Will plugin, Inter-Wallet transfer plugin and likely more along the way.
Kim Dotcom- Founder of Kim.com and Internet Freedom Fighter bringing Bitcoin Cash to the whole world.
Koush- Started BCH Ghana to promote Bitcoin Cash in Africa.
kptnkook- Creator of the Cointext_Anypay videos and BCH Ambassador Program Organizer involving the Cointext-Anypay remittance solution.
Leandro Di Marco- The one who started this idea of recognizing Bitcoin Cash folks in the ecosystem, leading to this Hall Of Fame.
Lin Zerd- Writer of the CoinSpice team.
LovelyDay- Bitcoin Cash Knight always on the prowl for mentally retarded bcash trolls. Without Knights such as LovelyDay, these mentally retarded bcash trolls would have been everywhere.
Marc De Mesel- A rising star in the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem. Had contributed massively to the Bitcoin Cash community. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel at https://YouTube.com/user/MarcDeMesel
Marc Falzon- Blogger and YouTuber helping spread Bitcoin Cash adoption to the world.
Mark B Lundeberg- One of the great developers in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, working on the BCH protocol and many other things.
Mike Hearn- Stood up for big blocks when it wasn't cool back then. Now it's cool because Bitcoin Cash is awesome, we hope he comes back.
MobTwo- One of the biggest Bitcoin Cash supporters in the space.
Mr-Zwets- Founder of BestBCHWallets.com and a great Bitcoin Cash supporter in the ecosystem. Contributing time and effort to spread the Bitcoin Cash news to keep the community informed.
ojjordan78- Redditor who has been spreading positive and good stuff happening in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
oscar_salas93- The hero busy working with InstaBitcoin spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption in Venezuela where hyperinflation is causing huge problems to the people living there.
pat- Help developed mainnet.cash library making it easy for developers to build on top of Bitcoin Cash
Paul Wasensteiner- Involved in Bitcoin Cash Foundation, Bitcoin Cash Association, earnest promoter of BCH and early supporter of hard fork
Peter Rizun- Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited.
Peter Tschipper- Bitcoin Unlimited (Parval, XthinBlocks)
Pokkst- Woke BTC supporter turned Bitcoin Cash supporter. Creator of multiple Bitcoin Cash applications to spread Bitcoin Cash to more people.
R0bb0t- Developed the tipping bot on both Reddit and Twitter and started the Operation Dragon Slayer meme.
rawb0t- Creator of u/tippr and Rocketr.net
Rick Falkvinge- Working towards a better world through the Swedish Pirate Party.
Roger Ver- Founder of Bitcoin.com and passionate guy bringing economic freedom to the world.
- Bonus points for declaring that Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud.
Rosco Kalis- Creator of CashScript language
saddit42- Creator of LazyFox.io
Satoshi Nakamoto- The original founder of Bitcoin.
SatoshisSoul- Onboarded merchants in Barcelona and Venezuela, an unsung hero in the quest for merchant adoption.
- Started "The Real Bitcoin Club" and the bitcoinmap.cash mobile app where you can find merchants to spend your Bitcoin Cash.
shadowofharbringer- Amazing RES investigative skills and outing shills, one Blockstream fly at a time.
Shammah Chancellor- Ex-ABC developer, seems like an overall great guy.
Shun Usami- Founder of Yenom wallet
TaoJones- One of the most active tipper for BCH, onboarding lots of new people into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
Tendo Pein- Spedn contract programming language
ThomasZander- Creator of the flowee full node and awesome Bitcoin Cash supporter.
Tobias Ruck- Inventor of the smart card that allows users to make offline Bitcoin Cash transactions.
Tom Harding- Bitcoin XT lead developer, BCH DAA & double spend researcher.
Tomislav Dugandzic (todu)- Independent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) user and currency speculator.
tracyspacy- Creator of MemoPay.xyz where you can advertise your products/services directly to Bitcoin Cash users.
txthomas- Cofounder of TxStreet.com that allows you to visualize transactions on the blockchain.
Vin Armani- Founder of CoinText which allows anyone to send/receive Bitcoin Cash over the phone using SMS.
wecx- InstaBitcoin Founder and has contributed to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem in more ways than one.
zquestz- Contributed in many ways including the bchd full node.
- Bonus points for helping LocalBitcoinCash fixed the login bug.

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